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About Us

The Temiskaming Domestic Violence Coalition is a partnership of several community service providers who work together to carry out prevention, education and training to raise awareness of the issue of violence against women and to the resources/services available in the community, to increase the accessibility and quality of services and reduce service gaps.
“The first step towards success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.” Mark Caine, author


Pavilion Family Resource Centre
Family, Friends and Neighbours
Freedom from abuse
I am a kind man/ Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin
Justice Canada: Definition of Consent
Talking 4 Healing: A Help Line for Aboriginal Women

Protocol Agreement

English Protocol

French Protocol

Community Parters

Pavilion Family Resource Centre
1-705-672-2128 or 1-888-871-9090


Timiskaming Heath Unit
New Liskeard 1-866-747-4305
Kirkland Lake 1-866-967-9355
Engleheart 1-877-544-2221

District of Timiskaming Social Services Administration
Temiskaming Shores- 1-705-647-7447
Kirkland Lake and Area- 1-705-567-9366

Temiskaming Shores- 1-705-647-0096
Kirkland Lake- 1-705-568-2154

Centre de Santé Communautaire Temiskaming


North East Community Care Access Centre
Kirkland Lake- 1-888-602-2222

North Bay- 1-888-533-2222

Parry Sound- 1-888-440-6762

Sault Ste. Marie- 1-800-668-7705

Sudbury- 1-800-461-2919

TImmins- 1-888-668-2222

Victim/Witness Assistance Program


Canadian Mental Health Association

North Temiskaming- 1-705-567-9596

Central Temiskaming- 1-705-544-1971

South Temiskaming- 1-705-647-4444

TImmins- 1-705-267-8100

Timiskaming Child Care


North Eastern Ontario Family and Children’s Services
TImmins- 1-705-360-7100

Kapuskasing- 1-705-335-2445

Kirkland Lake- 1-705-567-9201

*Previously the Temiskaming Child and Family Services*

Community Partners

OPP: 1-888-310-1122

Temiskaming Child & Family Services

Timiskaming Health Unit
Temiskaming Shores: 1-866-747-4305
Kirkland Lake: 1-866-967-9355
Englehart: 1-877-544-2221

District of Temiskaming Social Services Administration Board
Temiskaming Shores: 1-705-647-7447
Kirkland Lake: 1-705-567-9366


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